ADHASA conference

On the 18th August 2018 ADHASA the Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Support Group of Southern Africa held a conference in Pretoria at the Eduplex School in Queenswood. More than 200 delegates participated in the event. The ecosystemic approach in dealing with challenges marked the choice of speakers i.e. paediatric developmental psychiatrist, general practitioners , neuro scientists, educators and educational psychologists. My topic that I chose to address on this occasion was to present the TrainingMatters programme on “How to teach so children with ADHD can succeed” with the idea of eliciting responses from the educators that were present about strategies that they used in their classrooms. Two factors that appeared throughout the presentations was being very careful about making a judgment or a diagnosis too quickly and if one did have a final diagnosis that the intervention plan had to be specifically designed for the individual child!  I was left with the thought that the advances being made in neuro science was assisting greatly to “read” what was going on in the child’s brain far more scientifically than ever before and that advances in this field would go a long way in assisting professionals  that worked with children with ADHD.